Using Active Directory Dynamic Groups to manage Owners and Members of Microsoft Teams

With the announcement of Microsoft Dataflex for Teams announced last week, and the possibility of creating Power App solutions with a relational database back-end within Microsoft Teams, it got me thinking about how organisational wide access to these solutions from within Microsoft Teams would work.

Have you defined your Power Platform Environment strategy?

The Power Platform is Microsoft’s answer to the growing need in business for a way to build and customise professional-grade business solutions quickly, with the ability to connect to over 200 data sources including, SharePoint Online, Azure SQL, Twitter and more. For some, the concept of ‘Environments’ in Power Platform is brand new. Unless you have been told or you have done your research, you would not know any different to there being a single environment or multiple.

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 Hack4Good

For the first time, the event was held online and meant that even more of the Power Platform community could participate. The hackathon attracted 390 members in 49 teams, across 4 different time zones, who were tasked with demonstrating how Power Apps could help organisations during the current COVID-19 crisis. Wanting to use an example … Continue reading Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 Hack4Good