Announcing Public Preview of Delete users in Power Platform   

You can now permanently delete users from your Power Platform environments. This is available for public preview in both public and sovereign clouds.  

When you delete a user from Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and this user was created in your Power Platform environments, the user remains in Power Platform with a disabled user status. This user can stay in Power Platform environments forever. 

  You may want to delete these users for the following reasons: 

  • Users no longer exist in your Azure AD. 
  • Users moved out of the environment’s security group. 
  • Users no longer have a license to use the application. 
  • To comply with regulatory and privacy requirements.  

  Deleting these users also bring you the following benefits: 

  • Save on storage costs. 
  • Better system performance. 

Learn more at Responding to DSR requests for Microsoft Dataverse customer data – Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

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