Migration to Power Apps and Dataverse from Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access users can now migrate their data into Power Apps and Dataverse.

The Access migration tool and connector provided within MS Access streamlines the process of migrating tables, relationships, and data with setup taking just a few minutes, and migration handled for you.

A picture of the MS Access logo, the MS Dataverse logo, and the Power Apps logo

With this feature, Access administrators are now one-click away from unlocking the following capabilities for the data currently managed in an Access DB:

  • New security and compliance capabilities through Dataverse cloud storage using Azure Active Directory and role-based security while managing it from Access
  • The ability to have real-time sharing and editing of Access data using cloud-based data stores, with front-end apps created in Access, Power Apps Mobile and Microsoft Teams 
  • New front end app scenarios on mobile devices or with Microsoft Teams

By offering easier ways to migrate Access data to Power Apps, users can implement apps, workflows, virtual agents, and perform analytics on data that was previously not available to them. The Access data will behave like any other Dataverse data once migrated. In addition, user’s Access forms and queries will continue to work uninterrupted, allowing a migration without business disruption.

A screenshot showing the workflow to migrate from Access through the migration tool, into Dataverse after data validation is complete, Then also showing synchronous usage of the Dataverse data from an Access form and a Power App.

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