Announcing Public Preview – Microsoft Power Pages: A new way to build business websites

Now everyone can easily create low-code, business websites with rich capabilities. Build on a data-centric platform and design engaging experiences that connect your customers and partners to vital information and services.

The new and signifcantly imporved replacement for Power Portals.

With Power Pages, discover how to:

  • Create with ease using the Design Studio. Choose from ready-to-use templates or build custom pages.
  • Find help in the Learn Hub. Explore guides, tutorials and how-to videos on configuring your site and working with code components.
  • Get built-in security and compliance. Protect against vulnerabilities and help secure data with role-based access controls.
  • Add functionality from Microsoft products. Build detailed experiences with dashboards, chatbots and automation from Microsoft Power Platform and other Microsoft services.

Reach a global audience. Localise content in languages for more than 40 countries while meeting global accessibility standards.

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