Establishing a Power Platform Centre of Excellence

Over the past years, I have helped organisations of all sizes, to use the Power Platform; be that building tactical solutions to solve an immediate business requirement, moving from other cloud-based applications such as G-Cloud to Office 365 and needing a means to replace similar functionality, training, and enablement of employees to build their own applications through to larger business value assessments, including implementing the governance to support wider rollout.

Very often I have people speak about a ‘Centre of Excellence’ covering just the components within Microsoft’s ‘Centre of Excellence Starter Kit’. However, the reality is a little broader. A Centre of Excellence includes the training of its users, the day-to-day demand management process, service accounts, through to Business as Usual (BAU) support.

“Help! A Power Automate Flow is running under a user who has left the organisation. My business process is broken!”

The successful organisations who embrace and advocate the use of the Power Platform within their organisations have taken the time to review and implement the necessary governance and
management of the Power Platform.

“How do I manage where data is being stored?”

This document is for those organisations who have or are looking to roll-out the Power Platform as its strategic platform for both low-code and pro-code application development, summarising the vast amount of information already available via the Microsoft website.

Download here:

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