New SharePoint Site Templates – Contract Management for Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft are introducing 3 new SharePoint site templates dedicated to helping you create sites for your HR department, to showcase Events, and a template powered by Microsoft Syntex to do contract management.

With our new HR and Events communication site templates you will be able to build sites that highlight and showcase your content and share this information broadly with your organization. The HR site brings together all of the information your employees need to navigate the complexities of employment and benefits.

Our new Event template includes many great layout suggestions and will highlight any upcoming event you are planning.

With the Microsoft Syntex powered contracts management template you can learn more about how Syntex works and be able to get started right away. This template also comes with a prebuilt tutorial and some established models designed to help your team get started with Microsoft Syntex.

Users will be able to benefit from the ability to browse, preview, and apply site templates to a new or existing SharePoint site. Users can select a site template that meets organizational business objectives and best fits the site goal while ensuring a higher level of consistency throughout their organization. They can then review pre-populated content and customize the site to address their needs. This feature will be on by default with no admin control.
To apply a template to an existing site: Users can choose to browse site templates and can apply a template to an existing site at any time by accessing the template gallery from Settings and then select Apply a site template.
To apply a template to a new site: If a site owner is visiting their new site for the first time, they may see a message asking if they want to use a template that will then take them to the template gallery.
Choose desired template.
Communication site templates:
Human Resources – provide employees with compensation, benefits, and career resources
Event – share event information with attendees.Team site templates: Contracts management – manage, process, and track contracts.

Contract Management Site Template

Note: You must be a licensed Syntex user to view and apply this site template.

Use the Contracts Management site template to let employees know about recent updates to agreements or policies, to give various departments an easy way to request a contract, and to provide a secure place to keep your organization’s contract templates.

In this article, we share the elements that are on the Contracts Management team site template and discuss how you can customize the site to make it your own.

Preview of the Contracts Management site template

Site features

  • Customizable site that comes with pre-populated with images, web parts, and content that’s meant to inspire site editors when making customizations to fit the need of your team.
  • Extract metadata and classify information from documents using prebuild or custom AI models using Microsoft Syntex. Includes a tutorial to provide some ideas on how to use the site with Microsoft Syntex.
  • Enter and track existing contract requests, service agreements, and their status using the provided lists or use Microsoft List to create your own.

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