SharePoint Server 2010: are you ready to upgrade?

Extended support for SharePoint Server 2010 ends April 13, 2021. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 delivered a platform for web content management, document management and the introduction of sandboxed solutions to support rapid application development. It also helped workers find information and connect with subject-matter experts, regardless of their location. However, mainstream support for SharePoint Server … Continue reading SharePoint Server 2010: are you ready to upgrade?

SharePoint and the Intelligent Workspace

The ubiquity of technology – notably smart devices, wearable tech and other portables – has made us as users very demanding. We all expect instant access to information, our connections or an app to make us more productive.  At home we have smart speakers, smart sockets, smart bulbs and smart thermostats, so our homes are toasty warm and playing our … Continue reading SharePoint and the Intelligent Workspace