Schedule Send Suggestions Available in Microsoft Teams Chat

When composing a 1:1 message in Teams chat after-hours, users will see schedule send suggestions that enable postponing message delivery until the start of the chat recipient’s working hours. Schedule send suggestions will be available as default on.

With schedule send suggestions for chat turned on, users with a Viva Insights subscription can get an unlimited number of scheduling suggestions for postponing message delivery to their co-workers. With schedule send suggestions for chat turned off, users will not get any schedule send suggestions. 

Microsoft will begin rolling out in late February and expect to complete by late March.

Schedule send suggestions help align message delivery with the start of the working hours of the recipients in their respective time zones. They will be automatically displayed during an after-hours message compose to users who are assigned a license with a Microsoft Viva Insights service plan.

Teams Scheduled Send

The Teams scheduled send for chat feature is available for the desktop and mobile clients and can be used by tenant and guest accounts. Delayed send works for both 1:1 and group chats. Delayed chat doesn’t work for browser clients and it’s unavailable for channel conversations.

The implementation of scheduled send is easy to use. Compose a chat message as normal and then right-click the send button to expose the scheduling options. Teams likes to suggest 8AM tomorrow as a good time to send a message, but you can choose any time up to seven days in advance.

Teams scheduled send - setting a time to send

Scheduled chats wait for their time to go. You’ll recognize them by the banner and icon stamped on the messages. When Teams sends a scheduled message, it reverts to looking like any other chat.

Teams delayed send message waits for the appointed time

Schedule send suggestions will be on by default but can be disabled by admin or users as follows:

A Global admin, an Exchange Online admin or a user admin role can assign and remove Viva Insights subscription license in the Microsoft 365 admin center. For information on how to assign a license, see Assign licenses to users in Microsoft 365 for business ( Individuals can also turn schedule send suggestions on or off through their own Teams Settings by selecting or deselecting Schedule message send

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